HVB-Bucket Hydraulic Vibrators
Hydraulic Vibrators


The HVB Hydraulic Vibrators convert the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into vibration power. When activated the HVB starts to make fast back and forth movement to the cylinder creating vibration to the attachment. It makes applications possible for smaller machinery (<10 t) that could previously only be done with big machines (30 t <). It is an effective tool to enhance frozen ground penetration, pile driving, bucket emptying, asphalt cutting and soil compacting.

HVB is powerful, reliable and safe for the base machine, causing less stress to the boom than e.g. hydraulic hammer or rock breaker.


The HVB Hydraulic Vibrator is compact-sized, easy to install and operate. Installing the HVB onto a mobile machine increases the machine’s versatility and utilization rate. It makes many applications such as pile driving and penetration to hard or frozen ground possible with smaller machinery. With a push of a button operator turns the 10 t machine into a 30 t beast for all digging, pile driving and soil compacting solutions. It gives faster results, saves time and minimizes fuel costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Vibration is optimized for different machine sizes from 19 to 30 Hz
  • Integrated into base machine
  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe
  • Causes less stress to the boom than e.g. hydraulic hammer or rock breaker
  • Durable and reliable structure


  • Frozen, hard and rocky ground penetration
  • Bucket emptying
  • Soil compacting
  • Pile driving
  • Asphalt cutting

HVB unit can be fitted in the following machinery applications:

  • Excavators (on bucket cylinder)
  • Backhoe loader (on bucket cylinder or on tilting cylinder)
  • Loader (on tilting cylinder)
  • Ground penetration machinery









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