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DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generators convert the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into electricity. HG Hydraulic Generators produce high quality electricity from 3,5 kVA up to 350 kVA for 50 Hz frequencies to power any electric appliance in mobile use


DYNASET HWG Hydraulic Welding Generators convert the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into welding current and auxiliary electricity. HWG Hydraulic Welding Generators produce high quality welding current from 180 A up to 400 A. HWG 180/220/300/400 units also provide auxiliary AC-power from 6 kVA up to 10 kVA.

Portable HWG models are the lightest hydraulic welders in the world weighting only 17 kg (37.4 lbs.). They produce up to 250 A welding current and provide DC electricity up to 2 kW.


HG Hydraulic Generators produce high quality electricity using the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system. The HG is turned on by opening the hydraulic oil flow to it. Then the hydraulic system feeds the hydraulic oil flow to the HG’s hydraulic motor. The motor is integrated into the generator and when it starts the generator produces electricity immediately. HG is designed to handle fluctuating hydraulic oil flows to ensure continuous high quality electricity.

Features & Benefits

  • HG Hydraulic Generators run with a compact fully integrated hydraulic motor.
  • HG generates high quality electricity in power range of 3,5 kVA – 350 kVA for all AC-powered electric appliances.
  • Automatic frequency control valve regulates the frequency exactly to 50  Hz for consistent high quality electricity supply
  • Automatic voltage control maintains voltage at steady level according to electric load.
  • Compact size
  • Light Weight
  • Reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • No extra engine
  • No fuel tank
  • No exhaust pipe
  • Ecological
  • High quality coil parts
  • Maintenance free
  • Overload protection
  • Safety earth leakage relay
  • Residual current circuit breaker.
  • Standard 3 pin sockets
  • Auxiliary fuse/socket box available
  • IP23 and IP54 protection classification in standard models
  • HWG Hydraulic Welding Generators operate with a compact hydraulic motor
  • HWG Welding Generators generate high quality welding current 180 – 400 A
  • AC power for other electric appliances available with HWG 180/220/300/400 models
  • DC power available with portable HWG 200/250 models
  • Automatic welding current control maintains continuous current
  • HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator is a complete power station with overload protection and residual current circuit breaker
  • Lightest hydraulic welding generator in the world weighting only 17 kg (37.4 lbs.)
  • Automatic voltage control maintains the steady voltage according to electric load.


  • Powering Electric tools
  • Powering Lights
  • Powering Heaters
  • Powering Coolers
  • Powering  pumps
  • Powering 1- and 3-phase motors
  • Back-up power
  • Pipe welding
  • Drill shaft welding
  • Railway welding
  • Road and Infra maintenance
  • Small repair welding
  • Power supply to lifting platforms / access equipment





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