MAG Electromagnet
HMG PRO Electromagnet generator
HMAG PRO Hydraulic electromagnet



MAG Lifting Magnets are high quality electromagnets that work perfectly in combination with HMG PRO Magnet Generators to turn any mobile machine with a crane into a modern materials handling unit. High quality DC magnetizing electricity supplied by the generator flows through to the magnet base with electric or hydraulic controls in the machine cab allowing the operator to lift and release loads with the flick of a switch. Supplied complete with chains & electric cable the MAG units are also available in rectangular shape, with claws or quick attachment mounts. Standard models have tear-off force from 5.5 t (12.1 t lbs.) up to 70 t (154 t lbs.) and coil power come from 3.0 kW up to 20 kW depending on the model. Bigger models are also available. MAG Lifting Magnets use 220V DC voltage.


HMAG PRO hydraulic electromagnets are complete all-in-one units with a magnet generator integrated into the housing. Installation and change from one machine to another is quick and simple with only two hydraulic hoses & chains to be connected and it’s ready for use. It works with small and big machines and only needs low hydraulic oil flow to operate e.g. HMAG PRO 700 needs only 17l/min of hydraulic oil flow. HMAG PRO has tear-off force from 5.5 t (12 t lbs.) up to 18 t (39 t lbs.) depending on model. HMAG PRO has the world’s fastest demagnetizing time of 0.8 seconds so release of collected material is almost instantaneous for fast, efficient load handling.

Features & Benefits

● High quality structure
● Easy to install and use
● World’s fastest demagnetizing time – 0.8 seconds
● Compact, all-in-one unit (HMAG PRO)
● No electric cable (HMAG PRO)
● Generator is fully enclosed in HMAG’s steel cover (HMAG PRO)


  • Recycling
  • Metal Separation
  • Ferrous Material Handling
  • Demolition & Construction site
  • Railway & Road Side Clean Up




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