The right driveline components to keep all industries moving.

With drivelines being a vital link in keeping the wheels of vehicles and machinery turning you need the confidence of a supply source that keeps up with the demands of having access to a vast range of components, to suit current & past models, being of reputable quality and available at a fair price. The Turret brand of components covers a diverse yet comprehensive line up of recognised driveline series – from European & Japanese to traditional American types, all variations are catered for. Within these series, all individual components of the driveline assembly are available minimising downtime and replacement costs. So not only are you covered with the fast moving stock lines of universal joints and centre bearings, we have on hand a full complement of tubing, yokes, flanges and even Turret ‘low-noise’ telescopic spline sets. Furthermore, our inventory store is supported by our Technology division’s manufacturing plant equipped with modern, specialised machinery so blank components or standard parts can be modified or custom made to meet your special needs or specific application. Turret Componentry is relied on in a broad range of industry sectors throughout Australasia – so wherever you go choose TURRET for Optimal Performance, Whatever the Challenge.