Driveline Services – covering all industries

After 50 years of focused attention on driveline services Turret products can be found in use and relied on in a very diverse range of vehicles, machinery and industrial plants.

A long association and rapport with the automotive market has seen Turret product engineers called on by top brand manufacturers such as Nissan, Ford and Holden to problem solve and develop new parts.

Moving up in scale to the heavy transport sector, Turret

Componentry and Technology has kept many of New Zealand’s trucking operators on the road for longer, helping the likes of leading dairy companies and logistics providers deliver on their promises.

As we move off-road Turret continues the journey and is ‘put on its metal’ in the demanding environments of mining, earthmoving, forestry and agriculture.

Beyond the land Australasia’s vast coastlines support a successful marine industry where specialised Turret 

marine driveline products are put to the test putting power where it’s needed on a broad range of vessels from tourist boats to commercial workboats.

Turret is also a driving force in the factories of  key industrial producers and manufacturers. From a small precision coupling part at a food plant to a substantial driveshaft unit in a steel mill Turret’s complete offering of Componentry, Technology and Balancing services keeps production and profits up. Rely on our driveline services to keep your industry moving.