Historic vessel gets a Beattys upgrade

The team at Beattys are extremely proud to be involved in a recent project with the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney.


The Vessel:

The steam powered yacht named SY Ena was designed and built in 1902 and was originally designed as a pleasure craft. However during World War I it served as a patrol vessel around the Sydney harbour. After sinking in the early 1980s, the yacht was re-floated and restored. SY Ena circumnavigated Australia, as part of a visit to Western Australia during the 1987 America’s Cup. The vessel is now based in Sydney at the Australian National Maritime Museum where it is part of the National Maritime Collection and is listed on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels.


The Problem:

The engineers that look after the vessel were having trouble with alignment of the prop shaft which can result in vibrations and premature wear on moving parts.


Our Solution:

The team at Beattys stepped in with our technical expertise and years of industry experience and designed a heavily customised driveshaft solution that meets the requirements of the project. We then manufactured and balanced the driveshaft here in our production facility in Auckland, it was shipped to Australia where it was fitted to the vessel.

As a result of our work, the vessels engineers are now able to easily align the prop shaft with the engine which reduces servicing times on the engine and driveline. This also removes the risk of miss-alignment resulting in vibrations and premature wear. The design of the driveshaft also removes any excessive torque off the flywheel which could cause catastrophic damage.


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