Dana backs Beattys as their sole driveshaft service agent in New Zealand.

The team at Beattys Driveline Technologies Ltd are extremely proud to have one of the driveshaft industry’s leading suppliers to appoint us as their one and only certified driveshaft service agent in New Zealand.

We offer a full consultation and design service to meet any custom requirements that are needed through the use of state of the art 3D CAD systems.
Dana Design
Throughout our driveshaft manufacturing process, you can be guaranteed the highest level of engineering excellence and commitment to quality.
Dana Manufacturing
We have the skills and componentry to repair all driveshafts. Our large capacity allows us to complete urgent jobs with minimal operational down time.
Dana Repairs
Beattys can modify all types of driveshafts whether it be shortening, lengthening or changing drive ends. All modifications are in accordance with OEM specifications.
Dana Modifications
The dynamic balancing of all drivelines is a very crucial part in the process of creating a high performing and long lasting driveshaft solution.
With over 30,000 driveshaft components in stock we boast ourselves as New Zealand’s largest driveshaft parts stockist.

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