BMW drive shaft (X5) upgraded to resolve spline issue

How to resolve BMW X5 front drive shaft and transfer case problems

Modified BMW Drive Shaft Now Has the ‘X-Factor’

(Applies to BMW X5 E53 models 2000 – 2006)

The Problem Explained:

The BMW drive shaft ( X5 front ; connecting the front differential to the transfer case – see photo below) has reported cases where the splined end strips out, ruining the shaft and potentially the transfer case. This usually starts with nasty grinding noises and ends up needing costly repairs.

BMW X5 Front drive shaft located between front differential & transfer case

The issue with the original BMW drive shaft design is the minimal spline length/engagement between male spline on shaft and the internal spline in transfer case. Within the transfer case there’s ample room to make this longer. Over time the seal around this end deteriorates and with lack of lubrication the splines rust and wear down till they strip.

(see image following)

BMW X5 drive shaft worn spline close-up image

Beattys Problem-Solving Methodology :

The approach is contained in our brand tagline ‘Optimal Performance, Whatever the Challenge’. This means rather than just reinstate the driveshaft to its original condition, we’ll review the design and take into account the particular operating conditions that may contribute to excessive wear then deliver a solution that will perform better and reduce ongoing maintenance.

In this instance the new driveshaft will eliminate any further damage to the transfer case (which can be very expensive to replace) and provide thousands more kilometres of reliable motoring.

The Recommended Solution & its Benefits:

The Turret Technology team address this problem with a two-fold solution:

  1. Manufacturing a new longer male spline end and
  2. Modifying the tube section to insert a universal joint and flange.

The lengthened spline section will now have positive engagement and driving power utilising the unworn spline section within the transfer case. Adding a universal joint to the driveshaft assembly compensates for any misalignment. As well as reducing spline wear this will also extend the life of the rubber coupling fitted to the other end. Another bonus is the shaft can now be fitted without removing the differential or transmission. Get in touch with the Turret Technology team now to give your shaft the ‘X Factor’.BMW X5 front drive shaft with modified spline end



BMW X5 drive shaft new spline end fitted with universal joint

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